Over the past 30 years, The TEAM has been part of the world’s most complex and groundbreaking construction projects providing a range of services from claim management to planning & scheduling. The TEAM’s practice reaches a full spectrum of construction market sectors including Energy, Plants, Transportation, Infrastructure, and Telecommunication.

Please take a look at some examples where The TEAM has participated to make the world better.  

Oil & Gas

Al-Zour Refinery (Package 5)

Marine Facilitiy.

Location: Kuwait

Karbala Refinery

Oil Refinery.

Location: Iraq

Clean Fuels (MAA Package)

Expansion and upgrading of Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-Ahmadi Refineries to be an Integrated Refining complex.

Location: Kuwait


Upgrading of oil refinery (Engineering & Procurement)
Location: Indonesia


Polyether Polyols Process Building. 
Polymer Polyols Process & Premix Process Building.

Location: Thailand

Project ONE

Front end engineering and design
Location: Belgium


Oil refinery, Petrochemical and Chemical Refineries.
Crude Oil Terminals.
Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Elevated Substations in SEK

Renovation of 62 substations.
Location: Kuwait

MGC Revamp

Main Gathering Center for collecting the all oil produced.

Location: Belgium

Upstream PJT for Hygiene and Value added products

HYVAHL unit, DCC unit and associated downstream units.
Location: Thailand

Ruwais Refinery Expansion

Expansion / Upgrade of refining capacity.
Location: United Arab Emirates

WASIT (Package #1, #3, #4)

Natural gas processing plant.
Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Jurong Aromatics Complex

Aromatics complex.
Location: Singapore

Nghi Son Petrochemical Refinery Complex

Ngi Son Refinery and Aromatics Complex.
Location: Vietnam

Boryeong LNG Terminal

Construction of LNG Terminal.
Location: South Korea

Ghana RFCC

Refined petroleum products.
Location: Ghana

Power Plant

Goseong Hai Thermal Power Plant

2x1040MW coal-fired power plant.
Location: South Korea

PIEM Coal Fired Power Plant

Coal-fired power generating facility of 375MW.
Location: Chile

Taean Thermal Power Plant Units 9 and 10

2x1050MW coal-fired power plant.
Location: South Korea

Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Plant

3x150MW lignite-fired thermal power plant.
Location: Ghana



3 Storage Cavern, Surface Facilities.

Location: United Arab Emirates

Canakkale Bridge

3,700m suspension bridge.
Location: Turkey

Transmission Cable Tunnel EW2

7km Cable Tunnel,  4x Shafts, 3x Utility Buildings.
Location: Singapore

Transmission Cable Tunnel Contract NS 2

5.4km Cable Tunnel, 3x Shafts, 3x Utility Buildings.
Location: Singapore

Downtown Line-2 Contract C918A

Bored Tunnel, Station.
Location: Singapore

Yongin Rapid Transit (Everline)

EverLine Rapid Transit System.
Location: South Korea

Third Bosphorus bridge

2,164m suspension bridge.
Location: Turkey


Al-Zour Refinery (Package 2, 3)

26x Buildings / Shelters.
Location: Kuwait


Residence & Community Buildings.
Location: Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

PI Staff Accommodation

2x Towers, 10x Villas.
Location: United Arab Emirates

Ruwais Housing Complex

8x Towers, 4x Substations.
Location: United Arab Emirates

Hynix M14

Industrial Plant.
Location: South Korea

Celltrion GMP

GMP Plant.
Location: South Korea

Lotte world

Remodelling of facilities.
Location: South Korea

The Classic 500

Mixed-development comprising residence, community and retail.
Location: South Korea

Lotte Department Store

Department Store.
Location: South Korea

Incheon International Airport

Airport project.
Location: South Korea

Songdo the# Harborview Apartment

8 Apartment Building.
Location: South Korea

Dogok Jugong Raemian Apartment

10 Apartment Building.
Location: South Korea



GDS SCADA Upgrade.
Location: Qatar